Modern History

Republic of Turkey period (since 1923)

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The early years of this era saw an influence by the Ottoman architecture, especially when the First National Architectural Movement was active. A change in the architectural styles were seen only during the 1930s. They bid farewell to the traditional architecture. Architects from other countries like Austria and Germany were also invited to contribute to the architecture.

Despite being inspired by architects around the world, the growth tended to be slow thanks to the financial state and weak technological infrastructure. Post that, in the 1980s, the growth was led by export and doors were opened for the private sector to invest and lead in the field of architecture.

Diversity personified

Turkey draws its culture from various other countries and has its own set of beliefs too. Culture defines thoughts, beliefs and ideas. In case of Turkey, there is a lot to explore.


Sports & Culture


Yağlı güreş  is the name for an annual international oiled wrestling tournament, which  has been the traditional Turkish national sport since Ottoman times. It is held every year in Kırkpınar  near Edirne and happens to be the oldest sport that has been continuously running since 1362.

Football, the most popular sport in Turkey (and the rest of the world) comprises top teams like Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş. Galatasaray achieved a goal of being a major European club in 2000 by winning the UEFA Cup. The national team of Turkey also made its mark in the FIFA World Cup by finishing third in 2002 and even reached the semi finals of the UEFA Euro 2008 competition.


Food in Turkey happens to be a fusion of various cuisines like Arabic, Greek Persian, Armenian and of course Turkic. The reason behind this is the inheritance from the Ottoman heritage which had a similar pattern. The influence also carries the aroma of western European cuisines.

It is a delight to see some cuisines being named after a city or a region suggesting the dish to be a specialty of the area. Either that or the preparation relies greatly on the techniques from the region.


Prior to the Republic of Turkey period, there were a lot of periods classified exclusively for architecture. They comprised:

  • Early Ottoman period (1299–1326)
  • Bursa period (1326–1437)
  • Classical period (1437–1703)
  • Westernization period (1703–1876)
  • Tulip period (1703–1757)
  • Baroque period (1757–1808)
  • Empire period (1808–1876)
  • Late Ottoman period (1876–1922)


To think that the camera would only capture images or videos of history being written or for the media would be absolutely wrong. Turkish cinema has carved a niche for itself. Turkish film directors have done the country proud be fetching numerous prestigious awards in the recent years. Nuri Bilge Ceylan\’s film Üç Maymun fetched the Best Director Award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. This was the fourth trophy Ceylan had bagged at Cannes. Prior to that, there were awards for the film Uzak  at the festival of 2003 and 2004, and the film İklimler at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Both these movies were also nominated for the Golden Palm.

The Golden Bear has also been in the hands of Turkish film makers, Director Fatih Akin earned it for his film \”Head on\” in 2004 while recently. Semih Kaplanoğlu  bagged it in 2010 for his film \”Honey\”


Literature: Poetry and Prose

Turkish is the official language of the country and literature saw its dawn with folk poetry which began in the 13th century. Eminent poets like Yunus Emre, Sultan Veled, and Şeyyâd Hamzacontributed to this art form which saw a great ray of hope when, on 13 May 1277, Turkish was declared the official state language of Anatolia’s powerful Karamanid state Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey. This gave rise to the emerging of the tradition\’s greatest poets from this region.

There are two traditions of Turkish folk poetry:

  • The asikozan tradition:  It was influenced by religion but was a part od a secular tradition.
  •  The explicitly religious tradition:  The Sufi religious orders, along with the Shi\’s groups gave rise to this tradition.

Among other renowned poets, there were Fazil Hunsu Dalarca, Tevik Fikret, Nazim Hikmet, and more who made great contributions to this field.

“Young Pens” was a journal published in Selanik under Ömer Seyfettin, Ziya Gökalp and Ali Canip Yöntem. They covered the social and political concepts of their time with the nationalistic perspective. “National literature” was a movement in which they were involved as core members.

Omer Seyfettin’s vivid narration and a style using simple language revolutionized modern Turkish story writing.  Orhan Pamuk fetched the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature and happens to be among the innovative novelists, whose works show the influence of post modernism and magic.